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My name is P. Smith.

I loved the corned beef on rye at the NLR store but for the past month or so, you can only get corned beef, no rye or rye, no corned beef. I don't know who purchases their supplies but they need to get rid of that person's sorry ***. Twice, in the past month or so, I sent my children to get me a corned beef on rye, they were told that they were out of rye bread. How does a deli run out of rye bread?

Both times, I got the corned beef on wheat and the wheat bread was so soggy that I hate the corned beef without the bread. Third time is a charm, right. Today, I sent my children to get me a corned beef on rye and got a phone call. Today they have rye bread but they are out of corned beef...

You must be kidding me. I called the deli and asked to speak to the manager. The girl answering the phone asked why. I told her because I want to talk to him.

She told me she has to have a reason to transfer my call. I told her "because I want to talk to him, isn't that a reason? The manager's said is name was Drew. I asked if he was the one in charge of purchasing.

He said no. I then told him that he should fire that person's sorry ***. How can a deli run out of rye bread or corned beef at least 3 times in about a month. I informed the manager that I would call corporate.

Of course, this is Sunday so I got a recording. I will complain to corporate first thing tomorrow. I have been a loyal fan since the day they opened that store. I even dismissed my daughter when she told me that she was double-charged for her order and they had already charged her credit card (twice) and they would not refund her money.

She ended-up having to call corporate. Enough is enough. NO MORE.

I am over 70 years old and disabled. I have enough aggravation in my life without having to deal with Jason's Deli's incompetence

This reviewer shared experience about "always out of what i order" and wants this business to "my children won't waste their gas driving to jason's deli from now on. i am done with them. i'll buy my corned beef and rye bread at kroger and fix my own". The author is overall dissatisfied with Jasons Deli. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Killeen, Texas, United States #1207756

Jason's deli employees are never aloud to ask why or a name on a manager phone call... that business needs to be looked at.

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