its true you only for for about 10 hrs a week! 2 to 3 hrs a day!

if its not busy they send you home, but when its busy they ask if you can stay longer. the shift says 11am to 2pm, to them its actually 11am to 1 or earlier. and the have about 3 managers at a time. not worth getting up for 3 hrs of work for minimum wage.

wage stays the same unless you work up the ladder. its 7.25 and thats what you get. the corparate has to look into these delis individually. and the managers there all have an opinion.

they say to do it this way and another tells you another. no communication.

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Houston, Texas, United States #642407

jasons deli is grait place to work but when are good maneguer i worket for a jasons deli i worket so hord they never say thanks o something the new maneguer came to work they are ( @#$$%^#$ ) they are racist they dont know say appreciate what they have

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #623653

A lot of businesses send some employees home early when they aren't busy. This is especially true in fast food places.

If you don't have to be to work until 11:00AM, what do you mean it isn't worth getting up for to only work three hours. You should have been out of bed, no later that 8:00AM at the latest. As for managers, most places have several managers, however, they don't all carry the same responsibility. Most of them are assistant managers, and then there are the crew leaders, or whatever they happen to be called in each place.

Of course the wages stay the same in places like that unless an employee works their way up the ladder.

You sound like you think corporate doesn't set the rules for the way these places are operated. You just don't sound real intelligent from your lack of capitalization, and lack of knowledge about who is the boss, and you thinking you know everything about how to run one of these places.

to anonymous Ridge Manor, Florida, United States #1324445

why must people be so quick to defend against and try to down play their experience. Has nothing to do with you stop making excuses for companies you know *** well

to anonymous Ridge Manor, Florida, United States #1324447

You seem like you are a manager who works for this company and is hurt by the truth. Insultin people for the piece of sh*t experience they have had. @ss Clown

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